Each man sees what he carries in his heart. (Goethe)

We see the World, not as it is, but exactly as we are. The whole world is our mirror, to the many renounced and rejected aspects of ourselves. (Dean Fraser)

Sometimes a life dance or ascent of another can become a mirror that one may more clearly see one's own issues that one requires transmutation of. However, ascension is still an internal business, and does not require looking outward at another, other than looking at the mirror that they provide to one's own internal state of being.

What are mirrors? In human form, one is polarized. In polarity one holds one extreme in one's own personal genetic material. The polarity will attract the opposite as it is expressed in another. Generally the opposite patterning occurs in the unconscious and in the parallel life dance upon other planes of reality associated with the physical. All humans have parallel lives. Therefore one is a certain way upon the physical, and also all other ways upon the parallel planes in the nonphysical. Those attracted to one's dance will mirror one's own way of being upon a parallel and nonphysical plane. As one looks at the mirror, one will better understand one's own unconscious nature, and then has an opportunity to dismantle such a nature through transcendence of thought-form, patterning, and programming within.

In the dismantling of an unconscious pattern, the machinery that holds a particular polarity in stagnation is released, and one can integrate the opposing forces within - coming to the middle path. This is what the mirror is for; perceiving one's own unconscious state of being and parallel life dance. The mirror is not to go into judgment saying that this person is wrong for behaving this way or that, having this pattern or that. The mirror presents itself to the initiate for the purpose of learning compassion, gratitude and unconditional love which expedite ascension.

Ascension requires transcending judgment. Judgment is better understood when one recognizes that the very trait that one judges in others one exhibits oneself in parallel realities. If one is in judgment of others who are gay or have other sexual preferences, one is gay oneself or has other sexual preferences upon another plane of reality. If one is in judgment about the illness of another, one has the same disease oneself upon a parallel plane of reality oneself. If one is in judgment about others who are "born again Christians", one is a born again Christian upon a parallel plane of reality. All judgment is really and truly self-judgment when one looks at the larger picture of reality; for one is also like all humans one attracts into their life dance upon a parallel plane. Judge another and one judges oneself upon another plane of reality.

As one ascends, parallel lives upon parallel planes are integrated [Polarity Integration]. In so doing, one's gifts and talents can be brought to the physical from such parallel lives. Many an initiate of ascension complains of difficulties with manifestation. All initiates will have many parallel planes in which one manifests one's needs in ease or is wealthy. As such parallel lives are integrated through ascension, the information upon manifestation transfers from the parallel plane and into the physical making manifestation easier thereafter.

At this time the planes surrounding earth that parallel lives are related to are being altered. There were once 36 planes and 36 parallel lives for each human surrounding earth. Now and due to the recasting and opening of a new global dreamtime there are only 24 planes. The 24 planes assure that polarity is minimized and compartmentalized so that the karma requiring transcending in ascension or through completion in death is tallied and cleared in the coming decade of cleansing…

The more parallel lives that are integrated, the more information one has available in the physical to live and express within and the less polarized one becomes. This is how one exits extreme polarity and enters the dance of the "middle path or road" within in attaining the state of the Bodhisattva or 6000 strands of DNA integrated into the biology. This is also how one becomes a walking example of compassion in action, which is the result of embodying the middle road of unity.

One may discover capabilities gifts and talents one didn't know that they possessed as ones' parallel lives are integrated. Mila discovered the ability to write, teach, lecture and conduct workshops as three parallel lives in which she was a spiritual teacher were integrated early in her ascent. Furthermore, other gifts and talents such as an ability to sing and create artwork along with floral arrangements and crafts also came forth as lives in which Mila was involved with such endeavors in the nonphysical integrated into the physical. One may find a whole new manner of expression through ascension as a result. (The Fox Kingdom through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org

If you find yourself condemning your brother, you can be sure that it is not him you condemn. It is some shamed part of yourself, you have not acknowledged. Perceiving inadequacy in your brother cannot make you feel better, for it merely aggravates your own sense of unworthiness… Learning to love yourself and learning to love your brother go hand in hand. You can't love your brother and hate yourself, or love yourself and hate your brother – for we all are one. Your feelings about your brother simply mirror your feelings about yourself. As such, your interactions with your brother help you to identify the aspects of yourself that you do not love. (The Christ Mind through Paul Ferrini) - www.paulferrini.com

Dragonlord by Michael Whelan - www.michaelwhelan.com

I perceive an imperfect world because I fail to compassionately accept my own imperfections. My defection from all my imperfections, magnetizes to me, my very own dark reflection, for me to witness from the mirror of my world. Only by developing unconditional love and compassion for my apparent antagonist, does my enemy become my enema. (Dean Fraser)

The World is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the World will prove loving and friendly and helpful to you. The World is what you are. (Thomas Dreier)

We see within the World what we try to hide inside ourselves. (Dean Fraser)

Your life shows you who you think you are! That is how you know what needs attention. (Ptaah through Jani King) - www.ptaah.com

Our channel has noticed that those who irritate her the most are often the one's who have the largest matching pictures or patterns for her to learn from. These irritations, when addressed and healed, have always turned out to be the greatest blessings.

For each of you, we ask that you take a better look at those in your lives who irritate you. If you allow yourselves to look closely at the circumstance, it could become a wondrous healing opportunity for you. Everything in one's life is a mirror. If something outside of oneself irritates you, for whatever reason, know that within your unconscious you are irritated at yourself in a like fashion. As you address the like patterns and allow them to be healed, the irritation towards another will be released, and unconditional love and acceptance embodied. (Lady Rize through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org

A judgment is more an incrimination of the judger than of the judged. (Dean Fraser)

Typically you use the mirror to show what is not being acknowledged of your darkness. (Lord Altieryn through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org

Until you face up to your own dark side and accept it, you’re going to keep on seeing it appear all around the world in everybody else. (Dean Fraser)

...in your desire to ascend, you create experiences upon the physical plane to trigger the release of the next layer of genetic patterning your soul wishes to integrate. In order to accomplish this goal, and to bring to consciousness what a particular pattern may be about, one creates the experiences necessary to allow the current layer of patterning to come to the surface so that it can be transmuted… This can occur through interactions with others… Sometimes, you create experiences upon the inner plane instead. (Lady Agape through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org

Each significant life situation presents to you a test of your spiritual progress. The indicator that you’ve mastered the lesson is that you no longer react to the situation – you are not emotionally triggered by that particular event [emotional vent] anymore. Once you’re conscious of the wisdom of the lesson then that particular mirror no longer needs to re-act, or re-present itself within your reality. When you learn life’s lessons, then you’ll lessen life’s pains. (Dean Fraser)

A hologram is constructed based upon one's beliefs. In the case of the human experience, such a hologram is constructed mostly upon the beliefs held within the genetics of the form. In ascension, as the genetics are altered to be more resonate with soul, then soul begins to alter the hologram as it chooses in relation to whatever it endeavors to manifest upon the physical plane.

Holograms are self-encapsulated energy fields that draw unto themselves others who mirror their thought-forms. Such mirroring is of both a conscious and unconscious nature. As such, everything one experiences outside of oneself is a mirror for one's own thought-forms. (Lady Agape through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org

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I'm a great believer in the idea that we create our own reality. I think we radiate out a magnetic pulse, a vibrational broadcast, which is unique to us. It reflects exactly our sense of reality and our sense of self. I feel that this magnetic broadcast then attracts to it other magnetic fields - people, places, ways of life, experience - which create an exact physical replica of our subconscious mind right in front of our very eyes. I think that all the people and experiences - the things we attract into our lives - are actually reflecting back as parts of us. (David Icke) www.davidicke.com

We always preach what we need to teach ourselves. (Dean Fraser)

When you hate a person, you hate something in him that you hate within yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us. (Hermann Hesse)

You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him. (Leo Aikman)

People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character. (R.W. Emerson)

Never does a man portray his character more vividly than his proclaiming the character of another. (Winston Churchill)

It is our own shadow that each of us fears or dislikes in another. It is the shadow that permeated the unconscious as it was created throughout this creation. Again, the unconscious was created by the eighteenth-dimensional Dark masters who took one-half of the energy flow and inverted it in such a way that it became invisible to the Lords that governed creation. It was through this inverted energy flow that the shadow entered our creation and took charge.

When we see darkness in another, know that we are tuning into the unconscious planes and the shadow. Oftentimes, we point our finger at another who we see the shadow in, claiming 'Oh, aren't they dark! I cannot accept such darkness in another, and therefore I reject them.' It is the shadow that we reject, although oftentimes this rejection ends up also being of another human being as well.

It was the Shadow that destroyed the feminine through the masculine. The feminine blamed the masculine for her destruction, believing it was the fault of the masculine. In reality, the cause of the destruction was the Shadow working from the unconscious planes in the masculine. It has been the Shadow that has turned men against women, women against women, and men against men. It is the Shadow that we dislike in another, and it is the Shadow that is behind all destructive patterns.

We wish each of you to transcend the pattern of finger pointing at others the darkness you may observe in them. We all participate in the unconscious planes and have all been vessels for the shadow to one degree or another. We also wish you to understand that others, even those who seemingly aim destructive energy at you, are simply vessels for the shadow who is at work through their fields.

We wish each of you to assess to what degree you have allowed the Shadow to work through you. You will find that this will occur to one degree or another in each of you. Some of you will discover that you allow the shadow to work through you a portion of the time (10-90%), and on the other side of the coin, control the shadow in others a portion of the time (10-90%). Those who control the shadow in others will collect more darkness around them because in the controlling, they will hold onto the shadow.

We wish you to understand the pattern of the scapegoat - the one who collects the darkness of others and then takes the blame for the destructive patterns of those who they collect the darkness from. We have several of you in this organization who carry the pattern of the scapegoat or martyr and collect the darkness of others. In so doing, others gossip about the darkness these individuals hold, which is not even all their own to begin with.

The pattern works something like this. Suzy gives Bob her Shadow, and Bob takes it on because he controls the Shadow in his patterning. Suzy seems beyond any darkness and is a very loving individual. Bob appears to be a jerk. Everyone Suzy knows agrees Bob is a jerk and wonders why she stays in the relationship. Eventually Bob does something so awful that Suzy leaves him. Bob takes all the blame, and everyone makes Bob the scapegoat for the trouble in Suzy's life. Do you see how this works?

Some of you have been finger pointing at others, 'So and so looks so dark.' Guess who's darkness you are seeing in them? Your own that you have given to them as they have taken on your Shadow because of the above pattern!

As each of you relinquish the Shadow you have taken on from others in the group or takes back the Shadow and transmutes your agreements with your own dark side, the patterns of finger pointing and scapegoats will disappear from your collective organization. It is difficult to collaborate without releasing these patterns, because the constant finger pointing creates an ongoing level of disharmony throughout the organization. (The One Source and Natalia through Karen Danrich "Mila") - www.ascendpress.org

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